The Kasviex Advantage

Our patented design offers our customers the ability to get industrial grade essential oil extracts in the comfort of your home. We designed an extractor that would be cost effective and simple to use. No need to purchase flammable solvents, maintenance lubricants, or expensive consumables. Get the most out of your starting materials with our tunable extractors. Used for all types of materials and applications. To the right is a before and after extraction of hops pellets.

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Our extractors operate at low temperatures and moderate pressures, allowing our extraction process to gently collect the essential oils in starting materials. Unlike supercritical extractions our subcritical extractions are a gentle process which preserves delicate compounds like mono, di, and sesquiterpenes in essential oils. Our extraction process is design to use absolutely clean solvent per extraction cycle. At the end of our extraction process, our system removes carbon dioxide from your essential oils leaving behind solvent free products. Our system is simple to use with minimal set-up and venting times. We took the complexity of subcritical extractions out of the equation for you!


The Mysticon is a great extractor for my personal uses and R&D work. It was simple to use and very convenient for the small working space that I have in my workshop.
Andy Fischer
Great product! Best aromas I have ever extracted from my hops, peppermint, and lavender oils. I highly recommend this extractor.
John Colt